A New Experience

International Business

  Under the urge for practicing what we have learned at campus, we flied all the way to Seattle, the most beautiful city in the United States, and paid a visit to several different companies in different field of industries. Meanwhile, we also held two conferences on different topics by inviting tops brasses from several outstanding companies in Seattle to share their valuable personal experience in entrepreneurships with us. The things we respect them the most is that the environment they started up their own individual business is totally different from where they come from or they are raised up. From their sharing of experience, we learned of knowledge concerning of economic activities that we used to study at class from a total different aspect. It was indeed a journey of wonder, a wonder combing of knowledge and experience.

Special Thanks to all the companies and outstanding friends that gave us this great opportunity °GMr. Vito Romano, Director of Employee Development, Costco Wholesale । Mr. D. R. Landry, Vice President, Nintendo of America । Mr. Rick Lessley, Senior Director, Nintendo of America । Mr. Benson Shen, General Manager, Lightel Technologies Inc. । Patrick Yu, Corporate Controller, , Lightel Technologies Inc.  । Mr. Deron Dahlke, Program Manager, Bellevue Community College । Professor Miranda Kato, Bellevue Community College । Mr. Michael Kuo, Project Coordinator, Circuit Services । Mr. Kurt Sorensen, Vice President, GVA Kidder Mathews । Mr. Tommy Lu, President, Holliday Inn-Everett । Mr. Tony Cheng, Cost Reduction Specialist, Netstar Communications । Mr. Andrew S. L. Lin, Director, Chinese Culture Center of the Teco in Seattle । Ms. Pauline P. Lau, Vice President, US Bank ।  Ms. W. Elizabeth Huang, President, Washington First International Bank ।